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A Detailed Overview of Content Management Features

Content management features of content management systems enable businesses to effectively create, manage, and publish timely information on their websites. Some of the Content management features include separation of content from presentation, templates that enable content repurposing, flexible workflow definitions, versioning/site rollback, and affordability. There are certain specific Content management features for website developers and content developers, which enable them to manage their content efficiently. The Content management features for website developers include seamless integration and interoperability, non-proprietary application programming interface (API), leveraging the database, and role-based permissions. The Content management features for content developers include browser-based content authoring, check in/check out, and side-by-side comparisons.

Content is stored and managed separately from page layout. This ensures enforcement of corporate design standards. The separation of content from presentation Content management feature improves productivity of technology professionals, as the design templates can be reused and the existing ones can be easily edited and content creators can focus on developing the content. You can simultaneously update content at all content delivery destinations, by pre-defining layout designs for different sections of a website. The templates that enable content repurposing Content management feature enable creation of separate designs for multi-channel delivery, the channels include web, intranet, extranet, print, or wireless.

Every organization follows a unique process to develop, approve, and publish content. The flexible workflow definitions Content management feature allow you to define and implement workflows that meet the business requirements of your organizations, and also ensure that the process deployed is familiar and efficient. The versioning/site rollback Content management feature allows you to compare any two content versions or to roll back to a previous one, if previous versions of all content are archived. The features described above are general Content management features.

The seamless integration and interoperability Content management feature enables integration of the content management systems with the existing systems and infrastructure for seamless operation. In addition, it ensures that the content management system is compatible with other standards-based technologies and applications that are in use today and the ones developed in the future. The content management system provides a very simple, straight-forward, and non-proprietary API to access both content and metadata from the database. This means that developers already most of the techniques that they need to develop templates.

Leveraging the database Content management feature optimally leverages proven Oracle and SQL database standards for storage and publishing, to help organizations avoid proprietary repositories and vendor lock-in. The role-based permissions Content management feature enable technology professional to control the pages that can be viewed by each user. In addition, the role-based permissions Content management feature enable technology professional to control the features which can be accessed by the users.

The browser-based content authoring Content management feature provides content authors with an intuitive environment for developing content easily. The need to install separate content-authoring software is avoided, as the users can login from anywhere using a standard browser. Multiple authors may be involved in developing the content. The check in/check out Content management feature prevents conflicting content updates by automatically locking the pages when editing of those pages is in progress. The side-by-side comparisons Content management feature greatly simplifies reviewing different versions of content or approving new work, as you can quickly spot content changes or inconsistencies.

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