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As business processes are being digitized rapidly, organizations are in need of the most advanced methods for managing paper and electronic content. Content management services enable you to manage business processes and content in multiple formats including scanned images, electronic documents, legacy data, audio or video. Content management services support both back and front office business processes which include accounts payable, accounts receivable, financial and customer service reports, loan and credit application processing, and owner and service manual creation and illustration. Content management services are divided into three major heads which include document processing services, enterprise Content management services, and technical documentation services.

Document processing services is one of the important Content management services that provides cost-effective, customized solutions to meet your particular business needs. The document processing services enable you to handle large volumes of documentation with speed and accuracy. This ensures a smooth transition of manual processes to electronic processes. The document processing services provide the necessary resources needed for efficient processing of information. Data extraction services encompass forms scanning, optical and intelligent character recognition technology, and traditional data entry services. The document processing services enable image storage and retrieval in online or archival formats.

Features of document processing services include full manual processing services which include mailroom preparation, form destruction, conversion, and replication services and data extraction services which include electronic scanning, character recognition, and traditional data entry. In addition, the document processing services maintain online or archival repositories for document access through multiple channels and receive any document medium such as paper, fax, and electronic submissions. Some of the benefits of document processing services include, reduced overhead for administrative processing, reduced capital expenditures through efficient ramp-up and ramp-down processes, and guaranteed service levels to ensure smooth running of business operations. In addition, the benefits include leveraging existing technology which minimizes cost for the organization and ensuring consistent delivery and quality, even during business volume fluctuations.

Enterprise Content management services enable you to assess your current situation and allows you to create a seamless, electronic repository. Organizations can reduce administrative costs, increase productivity, enhance the security of corporate data, and improve customer service, by streamlining content management. Enterprise Content management services maximize the value of your information by adding structure and processes to the information. In addition, Enterprise Content management services reduce print, distribution, and physical storage costs.

Features of Enterprise Content management services include linking information, work processes, and back-office applications to create a virtual repository of your digital content, inclusion of assessment of enterprise information requirements, document and digital information management, workflow, imaging, and e-process management, and elimination of upfront investment in hardware through leveraged hosting, and provision of world-class systems management and access to content. In addition, the Enterprise Content management services electronically captures and displays information such as images, video, audio, PC files, and e-mail. Some of the benefits of Enterprise Content management services include reduce costs by eliminating print, distribution, and physical storage activities, improve staff productivity through automated work processes, increase the security and integrity of corporate data through enhanced control, enhance customer service by providing a more user-friendly research tool, and enable organizations to focus on delivering higher value

Technical Documentation Services is a Content Management Service that provides a wide range of services for the creation, management, and delivery of technical documentation in electronic or print media. Some of the types of documentation produced by Technical Documentation Serivces include service manuals, owner's manuals, diagnostic manuals, training manuals, technical manuals, installation guides, user guides, parts catalogs, etc. Technical Documentation Services ensure consistent and accurate information creation through research and validation.

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