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After the identification of the content type, the content management team finds a suitable person and assigns the content development task to that person, also called the ‘Author’. This phase, when the author creates the content based on the needs, is called the ‘Creation Phase’ in the content management life cycle process.

The content creation phase contains many steps such as planning, groundwork, research, and then content development. The author performs these steps based on the typoe of media material being developed. The author may also occupy the content management team to execute the process.

Usually, the author performs research and takes up a major chunk of planning before creating the content. The author presents a content outline which is a text document, photo layout plan, or a summary of the content to the editor and the content management team. The team provides feedback and then approves the documents submitted by the author, prior to creating the content for the final product.

After the content management team approves the plan and research materials, the author begins the content. The author strictly follows the plan and completes the content creation in the timeline provided. In certain situations, the author gets a short deadline and is asked to submit the content in a staggered manner to the editor or publisher.

The content management team has to efficiently manage the creation phase and follow the process to complete the product on time and with high quality. Following standards and quality procedures helps the content management team to supervise the creation phase and also helps in tracking the productivity of the resources and the quality of the content and the final product.

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