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After the completion of content development and content editing, the material or content is ready for publication. When we say publication, it refers to all the methods through which the content will be made available to the audience.

Publishing the content involves various methods and process of completion, be it audio, text, visual, or any other format. The publication also determines if the material has to be published in the traditional format or in the digital form.

Once the editor completes editing the documents, the content is sent to the publisher to publish the content. The publisher, in most cases, is the promoter or the sponsor for the content development. It is a part of the publisher’s roles and responsibility to supervise the printing and publication of the content. In most cases, the publisher also markets and advertises the product.

There are two types of publishers; one that supervises printing of books, magazines and other printed materials and the other that focuses on publishing products such as web-based content, e-books, and audio-video content as well.

In special scenarios, the publisher is also the web designer or a traditional printing company. However, in most cases, the publisher just manages the publication related tasks. The publisher plays a very important role in the content management team. The publisher has to set and abide by the printing dates, perform press release and other promotional strategies, as well as make the content reachable to the public.

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