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An Overview of Coravue Content Management

The Coravue Content Management system provides improved control over web content with browser-based content management that can instantly publish personalized marketing material formatted by graphical templates. The use of the web by consumers and businesses is increasing with every passing day. This result in web users looking out for sites with in-depth content tailored to meet their needs and interests. To face this challenge, web marketers need to present an increasing amount of professionally developed content that appeal to the audience. At the same time, the sites that tailor the content, add interactivity to provide more services to their customers, which increases the complexity of content development. To solve this problem, the Coravue Content Management system provides a hosted content management system to help manage the workflow of creating, editing, reviewing, and publishing a wide variety of marketing content.

The Coravue Content Management system provides significant improvement in managing both the static and dynamic websites. You can customize the Coravue Content Management system to allow your content creators to enter just their content using familiar web forms with a visual HTML editor that saves material in a centralized content database. The graphical templates use profile data and marketing rules to select content from the database, format it, and display it to each user in real time. The Coravue Content Management system manages the workflow so that content creators enter material that is reviewed by editors and managers before being published on the website or in e-mail messages.

The web-based WYSIWYG HTML editor of the Coravue Content Management system, enables you to easily create and format content, check spelling, and preview. Some of the content authoring features provided by the Coravue Content Management system include automatic creation of HTML from Microsoft Word, an object-level architecture that allows distributed content creation across a team in multiple locations, which then can be automatically combined into web pages, use of familiar external authoring tools to reduce training, and schedule content to automatically start and expire, replacing earlier content Additional content authoring features of the Coravue Content Management system include preview content in context using its presentation template, automatic link creation that provides assurance that links are active and functioning, dynamic navigation objects that respond instantly to changes in site structure, specifying related meta content for use on index pages, e-mail newsletters, and other locations within the site, and customized database definition to modify or add content objects for complex web site design.

The graphical presentation templates of the Coravue Content Management system control content placement and formatting, to provide a consistent look and feel throughout the website. The Coravue Content Management system allows the content to be used in multiple locations and formats, as the content is object-oriented. In addition, the Coravue Content Management system enables design elements to be tailored on-the-fly using personalization rules to select logos, graphics, and features based on profile data and also enables you to quickly accomplish design updates and deploy the same across the entire site instantly. The Coravue Content Management system provides flexible user profiling, as interest profile data can be supplied by user answering questions throughout the site. In addition, user profiling is made simpler due to the unlimited number of profile records and usage of interest profile data to personalize content.

The easy to use wizards of the Coravue Content Management system enable you to automatically create subscription/profile form to manage newsletter subscription and interest profile. In addition, the Coravue Content Management system enables automatic creation of survey and questionnaire forms and also customizes search function to meet a site's needs. Content status reports of the Coravue Content Management system provide overview of scheduling, approval process, personalization rules, and design template. The Coravue Content Management system manages the workflow with the automatic notification of new content for review by the appropriate producer or manager, the versioning module that stores a copy of each published page in an archive, and with customized role-based authority for every aspect of content authoring, production, scheduling, and approval that matches unique content management roles in an organization.

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