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Benefits of Digital Content Management

Today's organizations need a solution to tackle the growing costs associated with managing media and associated storage requirements. The reasons include a detrimental impact on productivity, as employees waste a lot of time in searching for media assets and waste of a huge sum of money whenever assets need to be recreated. Digital content management is the solution for all these problems. Best-of-breed hosting with top-notch applications at low cost provided by Digital content management solutions, allows you to collect, index, store, find, reuse, and distribute your media content, from a central repository similar to a library.

Digital content management solutions enable to protect of assets from deterioration by storing them in digital format, boost quality and consistency by reusing and repurposing assets, and reduce costs. As Digital content management solutions are utility-based, you can pay only for what you use and whenever you need. This ensures that you need not worry about the upfront infrastructural costs or the problems of managing a complex system of applications, networks, and hardware. Digital content management solutions are highly flexible and scalable, which enables it to be deployed in a few weeks rather than months. Organizations can deploy Digital content management solutions to gain competitive advantage and cost savings through efficient management of rich media content.

Traditional databases cannot store digital content, as most of the digital content consists of unstructured information such as video, audio, and images that are enormously labor intensive to search for and retrieve. Using Digital content management solutions, you can not only put digital assets into the system for preservation in real time and create indices and metadata descriptions of your assets but also easily search, access, analyze and retrieve all your media assets. More precisely, Digital content management solutions enable to efficiently organize, manage, and automate the workflow of your digital asset lifecycle.

Digital content management solutions help reduce the costs by reusing existing assets as efficient access lowers costs and boosts productivity, share assets easily which reduces travel and shipment costs, automate and organize workflow, and reduce production costs with digital assets. Digital content management solutions protect assets from deterioration by storing the assets in a digital format in a central repository with offsite tape backup transcode and resizing digital assets on the fly. In addition, Digital content management solutions boost quality and consistency by building brand loyalty on reusing and repurposing the digital assets.

Applications of Digital content management solutions provide interface to data to manage a full spectrum of digital information generated by e-business which include large collections of video, audio, images, electronic office documents, XML and HTML files that can be stored and accessed. The applications enable real time streaming of video and audio content using conventional web browsers to deliver rich content over the internet and also provide a platform for transforming rich media asset creation and distribution capabilities from closed, proprietary, physical, and analog to open, extensible, and digital ones. In addition, Digital content management applications provide powerful search and retrieval and media management tools for a wide variety of image, document, XML, text, audio, video, and animation content, video and audio transcoding capabilities and graphic resizing capabilities on the fly.

You can streamline your internal content processes using Digital content management solutions. It also enables you to reach constituents and customers by repurposing and distributing content to multiple channels which include web, interactive television, and mobile devices. Organizations can deploy Digital content management solutions to improve efficiency by automating the media production processes and workflows, increase accessibility to large collections of content, improve collaboration by providing local and global access to content and its associated meta data, and improve content consistency and quality. In addition, organizations can benefit from Digital content management solutions by preserving assets, enhancing value of digital content, managing and distributing rich media such as audio, video, still images, data and text, and delivering customized content for targeted constituents.

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