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The Domino Content Management application provides a ready-built solution to organize documents for effective shared access by work teams managing versions so that each team member has the latest version. The Domino Content Management application automates the document-driven processes such as review and approval, assembly and publishing, archiving, and records management. Organizations can deploy the Domino Content Management application to manage documents efficiently throughout its life cycle, creating new efficiencies and building the foundation for their content management processes.

The two huge potential benefits of an on-demand enterprise are Immense productivity improvements and cost savings. To achieve this, you need to integrate collaborative capabilities such as instant messaging, presence awareness, shared team spaces, etc with each other and with mission-critical business applications, with minimum programming and management overhead. The Domino Content Management applications and IBM Lotus Notes integrate together to bring organizations one giant step closer to this kind of on demand integration through new features built into the Notes client, and through broader support for extending Domino Content Management applications to more users through WebSphere Portal.

Some of the benefits of the Domino Content Management application include improved organizational effectiveness by providing centralized, consistent management of collaborative documents and information, quicker decision making, as information can be reused from stored, shared documents rather than recreated, and promotion of collaboration via support of discussion forums and instant messaging. Additional benefits of the Domino Content Management application include integration with collaborative services and desktop applications as well as other business partner components and a low-cost solution that leverages the existing Domino Content Management infrastructure

The Domino Content Management application delivers enhancements to usability, e-mail and instant messaging integration, Light weight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory, single sign-on, performance, and additional platform support. These enhancements provided by the Domino Content Management application enable an organization to increase productivity and potentially reduce hardware and network bandwidth costs. This makes it easy to find, store, and manage important documents which include spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, instant messages, e-mails, etc.

The new feature enhancements of the Domino Content Management application include web client user interface improvements which include advanced search and complete library hierarchy. Advanced search lets you find information throughout the entire Domino document neighborhood and the complete library hierarchy provides an easy way to navigate for quick access to information. Another feature enhancement of the Domino Content Management application includes integration with Lotus Notes and Lotus Instant Messaging. The integration of the Domino Content Management application to the action menu of Lotus Notes lets you save e-mails easily and directly within Lotus Notes. In addition, this integration enables you to save and archive selected multiple e-mails to specific Document Libraries, provides options for copying, moving, or removing attachments from Lotus Notes, and saves and archive Lotus Instant Messaging instant message chats

Some other feature enhancements of the Domino Content Management application include sign in once for access to either the web client or desktop client versions of the Domino Content Management application, authenticate LDAP users, and support for nested LDAP groups. The performance enhancements of the Domino Content Management application include domain search that provides federated search across multiple legacy systems and helps you find information faster and in more locations and clustering and failover for the Domino Content Management search environment.

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