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IBM Content Management – An Overview

IBM Content Management enables organizations to manage, share, integrate, and deliver critical business information on demand. IBM Content Management solutions and software support most of the information types which include images, web content, documents, email, reports, e-records, multimedia, etc. The integrated, comprehensive content management portfolio from IBM Content Management enables organizations in improving productivity, enhancing requirements, and meeting the demands of regulatory compliance.

IBM has newly introduced Content Management Complete Enterprise Option (CEO) Bundle mainly for enterprise-wide development. The bundle enables to manage and integrate all forms of information from the products of multiple software vendors, which may be located in multiple data sources. The bundle consists of three products which include Lotus Workplace Web Content Management for DB2 Content Manager, DB2 Content Manager for OnDemand Report Distribution, and DB2 Document Manager.

Organizations constantly work towards making their operations more cost-effective and efficient in an increasingly on demand environment. To achieve this and to manage and integrate all forms of information, including scanned images, audio, video, and information from software products of multiple vendors, organizations can deploy content management technology.

The IBM Content Management Complete Enterprise Option Bundle provides a broad range of content management capabilities for enterprise-wide deployment. A brief description of the products included in the IBM Content Management Complete Enterprise Option Bundle is given below:

Lotus Workplace Web Content Management for DB2 Content Manager enables non-technical users to combine the collaborative authoring of web content management with the ability to integrate and leverage content from multiple applications and business processes. This promotes re-usage of the content instead of re-creation and also greatly improves the control over the quality and consistency of content published on a portal or a website. Lotus Workplace Web Content Management delivers end-to-end web content management via internet, intranet, extranet and portal sites. In addition, Lotus Workplace Web Content Management leverages content in back-end systems and reduces development and implementation time. Some of the benefits of Lotus Workplace Web Content Management include streamlining the web content management process from content authoring, workflow, management, integration, and delivery and publishing information on demand for improved responsiveness to customers, partners, suppliers, and employees. In addition, delivers faster implementation with component architecture that reuses components and reduces legal risks and associated costs.

DB2 Content Manager for OnDemand Report Distribution enables to automatically group reports and portions of related reports. You can organize the reports, convert the data of the reports to various formats, and send the reports via email to users. In addition, you can make the reports available for printing. The replication feature of DB2 Content Manager enables to store and manage objects in multiple locations. The LAN cache of DB2 Content Manager enables application transparent caching. The multi-tier, distributed architecture of DB2 Content Manager provides organizations with greater scalability to grow from a single department to a geographically dispersed enterprise and openness to support multiple operating systems, databases, applications, and resources. In addition, the architecture provides a powerful and expressive XML-ready data model and flexibility and completeness for document management and digital asset management.

DB2 Document Manager manages the different states and transitions of a document throughout its entire life from the creation to disposal. By managing the document, the DB2 Document Manager improves collaborative document creation and management across groups of creators, contributors, reviewers, and approvers that are globally dispersed. This ensures that accurate and up-to-date documents are available on demand, whenever needed.

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