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Today's organizations are in great need of content management solutions for their efficient operation and to gain a competitive advantage over others. The requirements of every organization differ according to the business they do. So it is better to choose the right content management system that meets the business needs of an organization. Inexpensive software that promise of providing the best content management solutions do not often meet the requirements and do not work at all on many systems while database driven websites with administer interfaces, work as desired but require greater time, money, and programming expertise to create and maintain.

Internet content management is a software application package that is built using only Java. This application can be installed easily on almost any operating system. It provides a versatile and effective approach to content management. Webmasters and designers can implement Internet content management software with either new or existing websites. They can also set controls for accessing and editing of the content. The Internet content management software can work independently of applications that run behind firewalls and synchronize later. A computer with an internet connection and a popular browser can easily run the Internet content management software and so there is need to purchase any extra equipment or software.

Users without technical knowledge who need to work on their site content can use the Internet content management software which is a comprehensive, platform-independent content management application. The Internet content management software is designed to be the cost-effective and straightforward content management application that can be easily learnt and can be executed with greater flexibility. A webmaster can get all the necessary functions in the Internet content management software, as it is also a publication-based information management system. As the Internet content management software provides client interfaces, scripting services, database, and authentication services that can be easily used and integrated into new or existing websites, there is no need for any external components. This ensures that the Internet content management software provides you with a complete content management solution without any hidden costs.

An important feature of the Internet content management software is its flexibility. After the webmaster completes the creation of the basic scripts, the site owner or any contributor can add and modify as much content as possible. The Internet content management software not only handles all the text changes but also manages the structural changes such as changes in navigation that may arise due to inculsion of additional content. In addition, the Internet content management software can modify the page content along with all related links and structures within the website. Substantial changes can be made by the contributors to the website content without the need for calling the webmaster.

The Internet content management software has the capability to view and approve the content on a website before the content is published live on the web. To use this functionality, you can just specify the content that need to be removed and accepted by an editor or other person of authority, prior to publication. If the contributor has left some blank spaces, then the webmaster can specify default text to be used to fill in those blank spaces. As a result, your website has a consistent layout and a polished appearance at any given time.

The Internet content management software provides an authentication system with multiple security levels. Webmaster specifies the username and password for each user to access the web pages of your site. This username and password need to be used to log on. The login pages can be hidden on password-protected sites, to prevent back-door entrance. Permissions can be set for each user to create, modify, and delete content by the webmaster. The Internet content management software can work independently of mission-critical applications, and later synchronize with them via a proxy server.

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