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The Need for Interwoven Content Management

Interwoven content management solutions enable organizations to unify people, content and processes to minimize business risk, accelerate time-to-value and sustain lower total cost of ownership. In addition, Interwoven content management solutions provide a service-oriented architecture with easy-to-use, best-in-class components. Some of Interwoven content management solutions include collaborative document management, e-mail management, enterprise web content management, digital asset management, records management, enterprise content distribution, content intelligence, and content integration.

WorkSite feature of Interwoven content management provides comprehensive collaborative document management functions which include check-in/check-out, audit trails, version control, categorization, archiving, full text and meta data searches. WorkSite provides virtual workspaces to teams that are geographically dispersed, using which the members of the team can securely share, discuss, and collaborate project related information quickly and effectively via intranet, extranet, or internet. Interwoven content management solutions provide products such as Interwoven MailSite and Interwoven WorkSite Communication Server, which work together seamlessly to capture e-mail correspondence in context by subject and merge it with other relevant content in a collaborative content management system.

TeamSite Content Server of Interwoven provides whatever businesses need to build, deploy, and integrate content management across the enterprise. TeamSite Content Server is an enterprise content management software that supports a wide range of applications ranging from intranets and internal portals to public websites and dealer extranets. Organizations can deploy TeamSite Content Server, to manage their mission-critical information and gain competitive advantage. MediaBin Asset Server from Interwoven provides businesses with a full-featured central library to manage the thousands of digital assets used to promote their products and brands. Interwoven content management solutions delivers comprehensive records management capabilities across paper, e-mail, and electronic records.

OpenDeploy Distribution Server automates the distribution of enterprise content and application code multiple sources which include content management and source code management systems to multiple targets which include production web servers and enterprise networks. MetaTagger Intelligence Server provides a complete metadata management system, which enables enterprises to deliver the right content to the right user at the right time and in the right context. Content Integration Server enables enterprises to leverage and re-purpose content stored in various repositories and file systems throughout the enterprise within content-rich applications.

TeamSite Content Server is the most advanced content management software for enterprise developed by Interwoven for the content management industry. Some key benefits of TeamSite Content Server include ensuring brand consistency across all web and applicaton touch points, consolidating dozens of web properties into a single managed environment to drive down operational expenses, and empowering business users to manage their own content for faster changes with less process overhead. Additional benefits of TeamSite Content Server include reusing content across business applications and sites to drive consistency and lower publishing costs and enforcing web governance standards by keeping auditable copies of all websites throughout time, which improves transparency of business processes.

TeamSite Content Server enables organizations to manage virtually any type of content for any purpose. Team XML Server and TeamSite Content Server products provide a foundation for enterprises to build content-rich applications. The high-performance architecture of TeamSite Content Server provides a set of rich application services to manage and add value to content and automate business processes. The user experience - ContentCenter of TeamSite Content Server improves workforce productivity by extending contribution and collaboration throughout the enterprise without loss of operational control.

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