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Joomla! and Content Management System

You must be aware of what Joomla is and where it is used. However, Joomla has lot more features than what we know in general. Joomla is an effective content management tool that helps one add, modify, and remove the content from an individual website. Using the WYSIWYG editor you can edit the content text. You can also move, and change the image, generate menu items, and add content that is optimal for search engines. You can also enhance the use of Joomla by adding plugins. This way you can perform the regular content management tasks using Joomla and transform your website from an ordinary site to an interesting website with photo gallery, video, blog, ecommerce, etc.

Know More about Joomla!

Joomla is an award winning Content Management System or CMS, which facilitates web administrators to keep a check on their websites. This web based content management system helps the administrators to add, edit, and delete content and online materials. The content as the name suggest is the flesh of a website where as web design forms the skeleton. By using Joomla, you can rearrange the content and also hide certain content or information. The features available in Joomla are so user friendly that even a layman can easily manage their content and online materials.

From a business point of view, a static website will be appreciated than a dynamic one considering the cost involved in managing the content. So it is important to look at the features that Joomla offers and then decide whether to use it or not. It is also crucial to analyze the impact this tool can create on one’s business and how profitable it can be in the long run.

Owning a CMS website will mean that the owner or the administrator will have control over the entire life cycle process of content development as well as publication. This way one can avoid the dependency on a webmaster or programmer which will also help you save a lot considering the cost factor.

Joomla being an open source is available for all who wish to use it for their wesite. However, these individuals should have the GNU/GPL license which is easy to obtain.The United Nations website and the Porsche Brazil website are one of those popular websites that were developed using Joomla.

This tool also caters to users who own personal websites. The flexibility of Joomla is what makes it popular and user friendly. You can use the tool with various combination of add-on plugins for advance level of website designing that can contain forums, blogs, photo galleries, and can also be membership system driven.

Despite the cost of hiring a web designer or programmer, in some cases, it is the best choice to get professional help to develop a high end website. Again, you can make use of Joomla to identify freelancers and contractors because it is linked to all web-based CMS data bank.

So, if you are planning to create a website for yourself or for your friends, consider using Joomla as it may have the right set of keys to your world of web designing and content management.

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