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Advantages of Knowledge Management Application

Knowledge Management is a process that enables an organization to leverage it's collective wisdom to increase responsiveness, efficiency, and productivity. Knowledge Management enables an enterprise to gather, organize and share its knowledge in terms of resources, documents and people skills. Knowledge Management is a cost saving process that enhances performance. Recent studies show that more than 80% of a company's knowledge is stored in documents. These documents can be stored as your standard formats, templates, letter formats, policies, procedures, and company information are referred to as Knowledge documents. Technology can be used to organize, manage, and make the knowledge documents available to the users in such a way that it meets their specific needs.

Documents are the livelihood of every company and storing them in a traditional hardcopy format becomes difficult with the huge increase of documents with every passing day. To tackle this problem, a Knowledge Management Application can be deployed for convenience, increasing efficiency, enhancing productivity, and streamlining documents. The Knowledge Management Application is an innovative software that enhances and extends Microsoft Office. Some of the important features of the Knowledge Management Applicatoin include Smart File Management, Record Management, Knowledge Management, and Continuity Management.

The Knowledge Management Application automatically organizes documents logically by classifying them as working, inactive, and historical. This makes their retrieval or their use to create new documents faster and easier, independent of the original creator. The Knowledge Management Application enables sharing of the knowledge documents amongst collegues. As the Knowledge Management Application protects the confidentiality of documents by providing defined access, any chance of overwriting, tampering, duplication, or waste of effort in creating similar documents is eliminated.

The Knowledge Management Application helps in efficiently eliminating many hinderances that one encounters while using Microsoft Office. The hinderances include retrieval of files due to confusing names of documents/folders, saving of files with similar names in the same folder, identifying the final draft from multiple copies, files being scattered in various computers in an organization, lack of segregation of files as current or old, and retrieval of files due to absenteeism or transfer of staff. The other hinderances that may arise while using Microsoft Office include unorganized or misplaced knowledge documents, accidental overwriting of documents and templates, and loss of documents due to crashing of hard disc/virus attack.

Some of the advantages of the Knowledge Management Application include disciplines and organizes Microsoft Office documents, leads to faster creation and retrieval of documents, reduces duplication of work, creates consistency in documents, eliminates fear of accidental over writing, effectively monitors document creation process, improves productivity at workplace, proves helpful in legal compliance, and improves security of documents. Additional advantages of the Knowledge Management Application include ensures smooth working in case of leave / transfer / turnover of staff, leads to fewer draft copies, saves stationary, and saves precious time and effectively money.

The features of the Knowledge Management Application put you in control of the knowledge within your organization by enhancing accessibility to your knowledge base. The Smart File Management feature provides a uniform file naming system, a document profiling system for faster retrieval, the ability to track multiple dates, and user defined queries for streamlining the document retrieving process. The Record Management feature allows unique number allocation for each document for faster retrieval of documents, intelligent classification of the documents based on their status, provides a central repository for easy access of documents, and the ability to print reports. The Knowledge Management feature provides collaborative tools for efficient document management and also enable sharing of inter office/branch documents. The Continuity Management feature enables to create incremental back up of documents, provides security by restricting access to documents on the basis of the access rights of the users, allows import of documents from folders/subfolders and export of documents to folders/subfolders.

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