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Benefits of Knowledge Management Software

Knowledge Management Software is allows you to build, maintain, and measure the success of your knowledge base. Most of the Knowledge Management Software includes a whole set of knowledge management workflow tools, which include Knowledge Management Center for authoring knowledge, the Self-Service Answer Center for self service, Live Help online chat, and Email Response Management for efficient email communication. The Knowledge Management Software helps manage knowledge with automated features, such as answer review, automatic aging, end user feedback, and reports. Your knowledge base is automatically organized, through the analysis of user behavior and feedback on answers.

The Knowledge Management Software enables answer rankings to be constantly updated and presented to users with the most useful information first. The knowledge management workflow tools provided by the Knowledge Management Software help fundamentally change the cost structure of satisfying requests in a service environment, by reducing the inquiry burden, and making customer service representatives more efficient. The Knowledge Management Software provides a self-service model which efficiently handles and satisfies 30 to 40 percent of your employee inquiries. This allows your staff to concentrate only on inquiries that require human intervention.

The Knowledge Management Software improves customer satisfaction greatly by providing your end users with the fullest satisfaction to their inquiries through a much lower cost channel such as the internet. Organizations can deploy the Knowledge Management Software to match their service capacity to their service demand. The Knowledge Management Software enables automatic scaling of your website with demand. That is, your website scales dynamically with the normal fluctuations of business and there is no need for you to hire any excess capacity during times of high demand. Most of the inquiries made can be handled up front on your self-service portal. This provides a greater level of satisfaction for the employees for a fraction of the cost.

The Knowledge Management Software provides your employees with whatever information they need and whenever they need. The usefulness of the answers and the ease with which users can resolve their own issues determines the effectiveness of your self-service site. Maintaining a robust knowledge base that contains current and complete information requires that you manage your knowledge according to how your employees need it. The Knowledge Management Software provides a complete knowledge management IT solution that allows you to build, maintain, and measure your success.

The Knowledge Management Software reduces operational costs greatly, as the software is able to deflect most of the customer requests that would otherwise flood a call center with call, e-mails, and chat requests. The Knowledge Management Software also reduces training costs by reducing the training time for new employees, as the hands-on training that is required is greatly minimized. The Knowledge Management Software makes all the necessary information instantly available for the new staff. In addition, the Knowledge Management Software help reduce call center calls and e-mail volume, by providing customers with information and help directly from the website.

Escalations of issues is greatly reduced, as the Knowledge Management Software provides the front line customer service and support representatives with the ability to handle most of the issues, without the need to escalate it to the next higher level of employees. The Knowledge Management Software provides a system for sharing and reuse of company knowledge. Employees can contribute their valuable knowledge and this information can be shared with the other employees through out the company using the centralized knowledge sharing services of the Knowledge Management Software. In addition, the Knowledge Management Software enables standardizing customer service representative responses, which will streamline your efforts to maximize your representative effectiveness, reduce callbacks, and build tighter relationships with your customers.

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