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Media Content Management solutions provide a scalable content storage, management, and retrieval system that provide unparalleled access to your media. Employing industry standard core technologies, the Media Content Management application uses advanced speech technology to transform your media archive and live feeds from content into rich, structured information that can be accessed from anywhere at anytime. The Media Content Management application provides tools such as media logger, media server, media processor, media content manager, media explorer, and media system manager to effectively manage media content.

The media logger of the Media Content Management application ingests and indexes multiple channels of input media. Utilizing encoders, the media logger provides frame-accurate digitization, speech/non-speech discrimination, as well as full phonetic stream information for the incoming media. By providing this functionality as a core part of the ingestion of the media, the media logger provides this advanced metadata information for use throughout the Media Content Management application. The media server of the Media Content Management application is a high quality storage solution used to store and on request from stream your selected material back to you. Utilizing a RAID array, the media server can store and deliver significant quantities of media with ease.

The media processor of the Media Content Management application orchestrates, schedules, and analyses your content. Controlling the activities of the media logger and media server, the media processor ensures that your content is available in the form you need it, when you need it. Fully scalable and using industry standard Database and XML technology, the media processor remains stable even under the most demanding conditions. A browser-independent web user interface of the media content manager allows you to set up and refine projects to suit your workflow. By interfacing the media explorer, the media content manager also allows the results of your projects to be streamed directly to you desktop.

The media explorer of the Media Content Management application allows a user to perform an immediate search on a complete media archive. Utilizing industry standard internet browsers and media players, the media explorer delivers streamed browser quality content directly to your PC, without requiring any additional hardware. The media system manager allows a system administrator to configure all aspects, for example, changing user rights or monitoring system activity, of the Media Content Management application from any desktop.

The Media Content Management application combines leading technologies with established media tools that can ingest, store, search, manage, and export thousands of hours of media content material. The speech technology of the Media Content Management application enables system users to extract further layers of value and information from their media assets. The Media Content Management application is developed based on the integration of speech technologies with industry-standard media asset management tools to bring a whole new dimension to Media Content Management. Through advanced speech analysis and other media processing techniques, users will now be able to use information contained within media as the basis for managing their content.

The Media Content Management application installed in a customer’s computer network, can be accessed using a thin client web interface on any workstation. Once logged in, the user is able to perform a range of media management functions on video and audio media, and can create an appropriate workflow by setting up projects to collect and analyze media from various pre-defined sources. The Media Content Management application provides broadcasters with access to professional quality video material for editing and review using standard desktop PCs via industry standard networking.

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