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PHP Nuke content management System is a simple, huge and stable system that is consistently being expanded by its community of users. The PHP Nuke content management System is the best among the other similar products, as it provides excellent features ranging from news management to mailing lists and a private messaging system. In addition, the PHP Nuke content management System consumes very few resources on the server, and runs speedily and efficiently even with many simultaneous users. As the PHP Nuke content management System is a modular system, individual features of the system can be turned on or off at will, or added at a future date.

You can communicate information to the staff via the front page of the intranet using the PHP Nuke content management System. This information is then automatically archived for future reference. The news items can be subdivided into topics such as general, company news, new products, and staff notices. The users of the intranet can then choose to view only the topic or topics that interest them. The PHP Nuke content management System provides an encyclopedia which can be used as a knowledge base for information useful to your users. Records are stored alphabetically and can be browsed through or searched.

The PHP Nuke content management System is built-in with a customized version of the phpBB forum system which facilitates sending of messages between users. This system operates similar to most e-mail clients, allows users to access an inbox, outbox, a list of sent items, and the ability to save old messages. The PHP Nuke content management System enables you to create an intranet that can be easily branded to match your corporate identity. Some standard themes are included in the PHP Nuke content management System, and you can also create your own using any website editing software.

The process of installing the PHP Nuke content management System is simple and requires some knowledge of Linux. If you do not have physical access to the server, then you need to upload the system via FTP. As the PHP-Nuke website provides the system as a Linux file and not as a Windows file, you need a special decompression software to install the system in Windows operating system. The PHP Nuke content management System is very easy to configure. All management takes place via your browser, once the database is set up automatically by an included configuration file. The requirements for the server are Linux operating system, Apache Web server, PHP programming language, and a common database server. All these products are usually supplied with most Linux distributions.

The features of the PHP Nuke content management System most of them enabled by default appear on the front page of your intranet. As you want your users to focus on the most important information such as company name or staff notices than the other information, it is therefore essential to display only the components that you require. The components can be turned on and off using the administration system. The administration system is designed to be very simple in operation. You can easily position each discrete block that appears on the site, using the Blocks section of the administration system. You can reposition an element of the interface at the click of a button, without the need for any web design software.

The statistics module of the PHP Nuke content management System, enables you to evaluate the popularity of your intranet. This module enables you to know not only the number of times each news article has been viewed but also the time of the day at which the system is widely used. Feedback from users can be received to understand the specific needs of the users. You can perform short multiple choice surveys, to gather opinions from users. The PHP Nuke content management System supports modification of the intranet by multiple users. For example, you can assign a staff member admin access, but only to the newsletter module.

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