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Adding more and more online services continuously to the websites over a period of time makes the access to these websites more complex. The management of the resources of these websites gets more complex and more critical. Online content management enables these resources to be managed effectively so that, the resources ensure that users have the best online experience possible, avoid problems that may arise if some resources are not up-to-date or accurate, and make the creation and maintenance of online services a much more positive experience for the people who maintain the website.

Online content can include a wide range of materials which include text, graphics, multimedia, scripts, applications and other software components, transactional content used to generate dynamic web pages, and downloadable files. Appropriate management of these types of online content will involve different issues and challenges. Leading vendors in the market provide products for effective Online content management. Here we will see five products from five of the leading vendors in the content management industry. The products are Cyberglue, Viatx, Novasphere, Datum Connect, and Microsoft Windows Server System. Lets us see a brief description of each of the above products.

Cyberglue software provides everything that an organization needs for e-business which includes content management, e-commerce, e-learning, intranets, portals, and enterprise servers. Cyberglue software written in Java J2EE is scalable, secure, robust, cross platform, database independent, and open standards compliant. In addition, the Cyberglue software comes as readymade suites for immediate deployment, enterprise servers for more complex environments, and development platforms for integration and custom applications. Multiple integration points of the Cyberglue software enable the application to be tied into existing or legacy systems. This provides the customers the ability to meld the core business processes of their legacy applications. The Cyberglue software provides greater flexibility as the data objects, business processes, and presentation characteristics are exploitable and expendable via well documented application programming interfaces.

Viatx Content delivers high function Online content management in an easy-to-use and highly flexible package. Most of today's websites are information-only rather than transactional. The XML-based Viatx Content application addresses one of the most important e-business challenges, which is to build and maintain a content-rich website for a fraction of the cost of traditional large information sites. Viatx Content application that delivers cost affordable content management is a scalable, robust, and highly flexible web content product. Viatx Content application enables faster website deployment which enables the customers to get the information they need to make buying decisions sooner. The Viatx Content application provides a continually evolving and fresh web experience which increases user satisfaction, enables capturing details, interests and preferences of visitors to the site which creates new sales opportunities, and reduces the operational costs by deploying a highly flexible solution that can be maintained and managed by business people rather than technologists.

Novasphere is a flexible, scalable, and robust content management system that enables Online content management with no limits. Online content management with no limits is all about having the infrastructure that is quick enough to adapt your information offering to the ever-changing world of technology and business. Some of the benefits of the Novasphere content management system include affordable high performance, flexible infrastructure management, easier systems integration, and independent data management which give operational flexibility and reduces ongoing costs. Additional benefits include flexible future proofed information dissemination, platform and scripting language independent content management system engine which enables you to develop your templates in any language and extremely quicker site production.

Datum Connect provides a web central Online content management system which enables you to update your own content for dummies. Flexible web tool provide by Datum Connect enables to rapidly add and maintain online content. Datum Connect enables effective Online content management by persons without any specialized technical skills. You can edit your text and images yourself as easy as using Microsoft Word with the help of Datum Connect. In addition, Datum Connect can provide an e-commerce solution that is tailored to suit your business needs.

Microsoft Windows Server System is an integrated server software that enables large organizations to deliver quality information and services to their customers, reduce the overhead of managing information, and increase employee productivity by saving time spent on administrative activities. Servers that run on Microsoft BizTalk Server, Microsoft Commerce Server, Microsoft Content Management Server, and Microsoft Host Integration Server on Windows Server 2003 enable you to connect information, systems, people, and processes to form a cost effective, integrated, modular, and secure e-business infrastructure.

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