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Understanding Reef Content Management

The Reef content management solutions provide enterprise-class software applications to build intranets, extranets, websites, and portals. The applications of Reef content management solutions provide non-technical users with dynamic content management and ease of maintenance. The Reef content management solutions provide a fast and cost effective way for small-to-medium sized businesses to create a dynamic presence on the web.

The Reef content management solutions provide the necessary capabilities and expertise to smaller business to take control of their web presence and create vibrant websites that can keep pace with the ever-changing business conditions. The Reef content management solutions can be easily deployed in a week's time than the other content management solutions which take up to a few months for deployment. This enables small business customers to deploy professional-quality websites featuring dynamic content, collaboration, and personalization. These websites can be managed by business users without any web programming and HTML skills needed to master traditional web development tools.

The Reef content management software enable smaller businesses to create an impressive and organic web presence that can make a difference between offering yet another billboard on the internet, and offering a dynamic website that serves as a valuable resource for customers, partners, suppliers, and employees. Department of a large enterprise can quickly deploy a website and can ensure compatibility with wider IT practices and standards using the Reef content management software.

Small business customers in need of a professional web presence have only two alternatives. First is investing a significant sum of money and outsourcing the design and development of the website, which in turn results in losing the control of the day-to-day operation of the website. Second is developing a website in-house using popular off-the-shelf web development tools which reduces the cost greatly, but possibly ends up with a lackluster web presence that is static. Both of these alternatives can take a week to get the website fully operational that is generally difficult for non-technical people to maintain.

The Reef content management software enables small business customers to tackle the above issues efficiently. The expertise and the essential templates of the Reef content management software ensure that the website meets the requirements of the small business customers and is deployed within one or two weeks. In addition, the Reef content management software enable customers to benefit from the comprehensive web publishing, content management, collaboration, and personalization applications that enable business users to manage and update their own online content using standard web browsers.

The Reef content management solutions provide applications separately for managing websites, intranets, and extranets. Each of the application includes an assortment of pre-built templates, to streamline the development process, along with consulting expertise from developers who assist in defining page layout, site navigation, and access controls for users and groups. After the website gets operational, users can easily modify content, create new pages, and grant modification and access rights to other users. In addition, the users can define process rules to ensure that the content is automatically reviewed and approved by the appropriate team members before the website is hosted on the internet.

As the Reef content management solutions are Java based, the solutions provide a modern foundation for e-business by combining the essential elements of content management, commerce, community services, and business process coordination as separate modules that share the Reef Engine. The applications for managing websites, intranets, and extranets harness the power and functionalities of the Reef content management solutions for better performance. Support for custom integration of the Reef content management applications is provided.

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