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SharePoint 2007 Development Solutions: The Comprehensive Content Management Tool

The SharePoint 2007 development solutions is a comprehensive tool that makes content management effective and smooth to operate.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a family of software products released by Microsoft. SharePoint facilitates business organizations to collaborate, manage content, business processes, web development and publishing content at a single point.

SharePoint Software Family

The SharePoint family includes:
1. Windows SharePoint Services: Windows SharePoint Services or WSS is a free plug-in for the windows server.
2. Microsoft Office SharePoint Services: Microsoft Office SharePoint Services or MOSS is a paid product of the Microsoft Office server suite.
3. Microsoft SharePoint Designer: Microsoft SharePoint Designer or SPD is a HTML editor that helps to edit SharePoint sites as well as the end-user’s work flows for the WSS sites.

Components of SharePoint 2007 (MOSS)

The components of SharePoint 2007 are portal, search, content management, business forms, and business intelligence.

The main elements of portal component are enterprise portal template, site directory, my site, social networking, and privacy control.

The features of Search component include enterprise scalability, contextual relevance, people and business data search, and collaboration of content.

Integrated document management, records management, and web content management are the main features of Content Management component.

The Business Forms component consists of web forms based front ends, line-of-business actions, pluggable Single Sing-On (SSO), and collaboration.

The Business Intelligence or BI component include server-based Excel spreadsheets and data visualizations, report center, bi web parts, key performance indicators (kpis), and dashboards.

Advantages of using SharePoint

Some of the most significant advantages of using SharePoint are:
a. User friendly collaboration tools that improves teams’ overall productivity
b. Makes sure of content integration
c. Protects business related confidential information
d. Offers advanced file sharing features
e. Facilitates high-level controls and features to secure organizational resources
f. Provides cost efficient solutions for web-based applications

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