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Basics of Stellent Content Management

Stellent content management is a highly scalable and powerful end-to-end web content management solution that delivers rapid return on investment. You can rapidly deploy business websites and also automate the content contribution, editing, and management of these websites using Stellent content management. In addition, Stellent content management enables automatic conversion of business and web content from enterprise solutions which include desktop applications, business applications, and templates to web ready formats such as XML, HTML, WML, and PDF.

Robust personalization and security features of Stellent content management, enables users to access only the information that they need. The flexible architecture of Stellent content management systems enables easier integration of your enterprise and e-business applications for a seamless solution. Stellent content management server provides various content management solutions. Stellent content management server consists of five modules which include web content management, document management, records management, collaboration management, and digital asset management. Customers can buy any or all of the modules as per their needs.

Stellent content management server provides a unified user experience to both end users who want a single look and feel regardless of the modules they use and IT staff who want easier integration with other technologies. The web content management module of Stellent content management server provides an application named SiteStudio which enables building of multiple websites while still maintaining consistent branding, security, and infrastructure. The document management module of Stellent content management server provides a high-volume repository for storing imaging and digital asset content. In addition, the document management module provides workflow support for business processes, which allows users to route forms, scanned documents and images.

As the records management module of Stellent content management server is fully integrated, the need for third-party application integration is avoided. The collaboration management module of Stellent content management server enables users to create workspaces and teamspaces for internal and external participants. In addition, it enables users to email invitations to collaborate content with links and search content among projects. The digital asset management module of Stellent content management server enables image conversion.

Stellent content management server is a flexible, secure, centralized, web-based repository where all content regardless of content type, is stored for access, management, and re-use. Stellent content management server manages all the phases of life cycle of the content from creation and approval to publishing, searching, expiration, and archival. Stellent content management solutions offer a variety of repository options optimized for high performance consumption, high volume storage, and pure XML content storage, to fully support the different content management applications deployed in an organization.

Stellent content management server offers some core services for all types of content stored in the repository, which include library services, security, workflow, personalization, index/search, replication, and administration. Library services include check in/out functionality which ensures that only one user can make changes to the content at a particular time, revision control which allows organizations to easily track new versions and roll back to previous versions, and subscription capabilities which enable users to subscribe and receive automatic e-mail notifications whenever new content is added to the system. In addition, library services provides a robust metadata model which can be used by organizations to better organize and add additional structure to managed content.

Role-based, account-based, and rule-based security models of Stellent content management server ensure that only the right people have access to protected information. Organizations can create more efficient and automated processes to fit their needs using a highly flexible and customizable integrated graphical workflow engine of Stellent content management server. Personalization based on security and rules provides users with dynamic, tailored, and relevant content, which increases productivity. As content items are indexed during check-in, quick and easy retrieval with full text and metadata searches is possible.

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