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Vignette Content Management – An Overview

Vignette content management solutions provide applications, workflows, and templates to manage content, sites, content types and objects, and deploy and deliver information. In addition, Vignette content management provides a workflow manager, a roles-based command center and essential library services. A configurable, role-based management console of Vignette content management enables both technical and non-technical users to virtually manage all the content and delivery applications through one interface. Vignette content management enables users to share assets and collaborate on various tasks using email, desktop applications and web-based applications.

Vignette content management automates and simplifies the process of creation, management and publishing of content for the web. This enables business users to have extended control over the management of their web content. Organizations can increase the value of their interactions with customers, partners, suppliers, and employees effectively at low costs using vignette content management.

Vignette content management provides a comprehensive content management application configurable for business needs, to increase the return on investment of enterprise web applications. This enables organizations to quickly deploy and manage websites and portals. Vignette content management provides intuitive interfaces for managing the entire lifecycle of the content of websites and portals. This enhances business user productivity greatly. Vignette content management reduces the total cost of ownership of enterprise web applications, as it is built entirely on open standards such as XML, J2EE, .NET, and web services. This enables enterprises to quickly deploy and easily manage highly scalable and reliable websites, applications, and portals.

Vignette content management provides an intuitive and configurable roles-based management console which enables business and technical users to manage their content through a single interface. As Vignette content management integrates business processes, users can share knowledge and collaborate tasks using e-mail, desktop applications, and web-based workspace. Vignette content management includes content type modeler which is an application used to create and modify powerful content objects such as articles, products, news, hours of operation which establish a simple way to manage critical information in an extended enterprise.

Vignette content management provides a virtual repository which manages enterprise content in almost any data format including database objects, XML documents, rich media, images, and flat files. Vignette content management enables universal content creation by allowing non-technical business users to create and manage content using tools such as Microsoft Office, web browsers, XML authoring tools, and e-mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook.

Vignette content management provides content management services such as version control, rollback, history management, data security, taxonomy management, metadata indexing and search to create and manage information. Vignette content management centrally manages user access to the content throughout the entire lifecycle of the content. It also allows delegated administration of some components to decentralized users based on Lightweight Directory Access Protocol standards.

Vignette content management enables automated publishing and secure deployment of content. Users can deploy content via an automated workflow driven process that delivers content and applications to multiple electronic touch points. The asset deployment solution of Vignette content management enables content to retain context throughout its lifecycle from creation to disposal, by managing data dependency. This ensures efficient and secure delivery of content to globally distributed environments which include development, testing, and production.

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