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Web-based Learning Management Systems: A Partner Support Setting

eLearning has developed as a solution to satisfy technology and industry needs. Now a days, organizations use web-based learning management systems to enhance their employees skill set and improve customer satisfaction.

Learning Management System

Learning management system or LMS is a web-based application or platform that a content management team uses to plan, execute, and evaluate learning processes for online as well as offline learning administration and performance management. Instructors develop, deliver, and monitor their students’ performance thought LMS. An effective LMS also facilitates interactive features like blogs, forums, web conference, and other mode of learning.

Who uses Learning Management Systems as a Partner Support Settings

Industries such as telecommunication, manufacturing and logistics, advanced electronic technology, banking, insurance, pharma, and medical institutions use LMS to add value to their services and to improve efficiency of their employees. LMSs are used in partner support settings as they are cost-effective in providing performance support for an organization’s product and services.

Partner support operations are somewhat similar to customer support settings but are different in a way. In a partner support setting, you can expect a partner channel of distribution to participate to add value and promote your company’s products and services. The functional partner support team also provides strategies to promote and distribute your products and services.

Use LMS for Your Company’s Partner Support Operations for Cost-effectiveness

LMS offers a lot of features that is used by partner support companies. An efficient LMS allows to create multiple partner campuses where the partners can personalize themselves to match the consumer’s needs. Every one has their own preference and taste and an LMS provides the right tools to give a partner exclusive value addition to their products.

You can create a library in the LMS that will contain online courses that provide instructions on how to use the product or service. One can also update the course content regularly based on the updates and value addition made on the product or service.

LMS is also used to check and supervise the partner’s activities, as an alternative to spreadsheets and reports. The learning progress becomes necessary in cases where the partners needs to be certified to use the products. You can also use LMS to inform a partner through email about the expiry date of their certification, so that they can indorse again.

Other Features in LMS used for Partner Support Function

A well-designed learning management system has a help desk feature that can be accessed by partners and users’ customer support. You can integrate web conference in the LMS that can be used in numerous ways to help partners and end-users:

• synchronous training used for product implementation;

• web conferencing on a new feature that can be archived;

• on-the-spot tech-support using the “share your desktop” feature to fix problems remotely

You can also add the inbuilt survey tool to your website with the help of LMS to record their direct feedback. You can also use the single log on or e-Commerce registration feature to promote add-on features of your product. You can also make use of the events management or seminar logistics add-on applications to help you administer your onsite and offsite partner.

Companies can accomplish efficient resource planning and cost-effectiveness by using LMS in partner support settings. The features and support facilitated by LMS can make the bonding between the partner companies stronger. Employing LMS helps the channel partner and business developers to manage and guide other partner organizations for a low cost. This will also include customized support systems depending on the partner’s requirements. To conclude, web-based LMS is a useful, cost-effective system that will help you administer a company’s partner support function.

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