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If you are not aware what is content, what content management involves, and what is unique about enterprise content management, you are reading the right article that will give you solutions to all your queries.

In today’s digital era, content is nothing but information or data presented in digital form such as audio, video, text, and/or graphics. As we know it is easy to manage digital information than paper or manual information.

Content management is nothing but a system that helps manage the various stages of content development. The content development life cycle includes content creation, updatation, publication, translation, archiving, and destruction.

Content creation involves capturing information in the digital form. The information is either captured directly to the electronic form or by transcribing the original document. In certain cases, you can convert paper documents like contracts to any digital format and also make it editable with Optical Character Recognition - OCR – technology.

Creation of content takes is the biggest task in the content management life cycle. After the content developer creates content the material is ready for editing depending on the business requirement. The editor is given the editing rights and other members’ access restricted to make recovery of the original content, updation, and availability of the new content easy and quick.

The next phase can differ from one organization to another. It could involve supervision of the content and the transfer of final content to the repository. This may involve providing access grant to the right set of individuals or groups and making the content available online. .

The publication phase is as important as the content creation itself because it is necessary to publish relevant content in an authorized way.

Localization or translation of the content can be a part of the process where the content needs to reach a vast set of audience who come from different demographics. Here the content management team is supposed to find a skilled member to translate and localize the content.

Once the content has stayed online for a long time, it is time to update the information or replace with new content. The old material is archived and is given access to user only if it is a vital piece of information.

When the content is not in operational use or to comply with legal needs, destroying the content is necessary. It is necessary to have a robust process in place to determine the content that needs to be archived and those that need to be destroyed.
This is content management in brief. Content management was earlier performed by software at functional or departmental level only.

Enterprise content management goes beyond functional and departmental levels. It helps to administer all the content an enterprise generates, whenever or where ever it is generated. Modern enterprise that are huge in size, globalize their operations. In such cases the content is generated in another part of the world.

Modern enterprise content management systems facilitate access to the content only to those who use it for decision making and other organizational purposes. These enterprise content management systems use internet as a via media to make the content accessible to the audience.

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