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XML Content Management – An Overview

XML content management software enhances the dynamic creation, reuse, assembly, and single-source publishing of content and documents. XML content management solutions provide strategic capabilities to the editorial creation and publishing workflow management of an organization and practical returns on the investment expected from a new system solution. In addition, XML content management solutions enable organizations to control the creation and reuse of their XML and other content better while enjoying the differences gained from the collaborative creation, management, assembly, and publishing of content and content collections.

XML content management solutions provide a powerful content and document management application that can manage XML content and metadata, files, and documents within a structured environment. In addition, XML content management solutions enable users to create and manage business critical information using desktop applications such as Microsoft Word, leading XML editors, Adobe Acrobat, etc. Applications of XML content management solutions are closely integrated with leading XML editors to provide an end to end XML publishing solution. XML content management software provide extensive document management support for files from other applications such as graphics, text, audio, and other Microsoft Office content, and a secure and flexible workflow environment. The XML content management software are scalable to meet the growing and changing needs of organizations that create, manage, use and reuse, and publish structured and unstructured data in multiple business environments.

Organizations involved in editorial, authoring, and publishing can deploy XML content management software to benefit from the reuse, control, and automation processes that these software provide. The XML content management software facilitates the reuse of XML and other content. This enables organizations to meet the demand for information creation, management, and delivery in multiple formats. XML content management software provides a complete content management solution for editorial workgroups by storing and managing documents and content components in a dynamic database repository. This allows users to realize the benefits of reusable information objects. In the content repository, you can easily assemble the documents from components and share and reuse the content throughout multiple deliverables.

The XML content management software provides an object-oriented approach to content management that dynamically assembles and disassembles XML instances, when structured XML data is used. This functionality enables information reuse and to manage the relationships of XML content, metadata, and collections of this information. The XML content management software provide complete revision and history tracking along with option to roll back to earlier versions of any content component or document. The XML content management software enables information access through content and metadata searching. Users can determine the usage area of objects, the project due time, or the objects that are associated with particular metadata or workflow actions using the built-in reports of the XML content management software.

Some of the features of XML content management software include automatic management of XML and SGML content components, collections, and metadata and management of graphics, spreadsheets, audio, and video objects along with full content and metadata search support, easy to use, consistent and automated workflow, database security and system scalability, and dynamic XML support. Additional features include configurable user interface that provides visual access to content objects, the ability to search on XML and other content, and access to XML metadata, robust application development tools, and web interface for remote authoring, approval, and workflow project management.

Some of the benefits of XML content management software include reduce time required to create business critical documents, single source content, and published deliverables, enable collaboration and group authoring, eliminate redundant authoring, reduce costs associated with accessing and distributing information, and allow reuse of information. Additional benefits include controlled access to content, greater support for management tools that track readiness and accelerate delivery of published materials, and enable customization based on XML metadata.

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