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About Zope Content Management its advanced features and benefits

The Zope content management Framework provides a set of services and content objects that can be used to build highly dynamic, content-oriented portal sites. The Zope content management Framework can be easily customized to handle different types of content. A high-level content management architecture integrated with the Zope content management Framework enables a powerful, tailored content management system to be delivered in a very short duration of time. The Zope content management Framework that includes several simple applications and workflows enables to selectively remove components and replace them with your own. The Zope content management Framework has a built in feature named "Topics" which allows members to create custom views of data in the framework and keep track of the topics which interest them when they log into their portal workspace. In addition, Zope content management Framework has a "Favorites" feature which enables members to quickly jump to useful resources within the portal similar to a bookmark in a browser.

The success of any business depends on the creation, management and delivery of information securely with speed and accuracy. The need for a high-quality content management system has increased greatly, to manage and leverage information from a huge number of sources and systems. It is getting increasingly difficult to find a right content management solution that meets an organization's unique business and technical requirements, as buyers face some challenges which include expensive per CPU, per-user or subscription pricing, unpredictable, vendor-controlled product lifecycles, and the inability to integrate with existing systems and data.

Zope Enterprise Content Management System is a robust, professional content management system based on the open source Zope application server. The visible source software of Zope Enterprise Content Management System not only provides an enterprise-quality solution but also enables easy customization. As the customers have secure access to the source code repository, they can download, install, contribute to, use the software whenever a particular feature is developed and/or fixed and need not wait for any formal product release announcements.

A comprehensive solution of Zope Enterprise Content Management System provides a configurable and extensible set of content management features which include managing multiple websites and leveraging content and presentation across sites, easy sharing of content with other content management system instances or with external clients via syndication, WYSIWYG editing of HTML content, drag and drop page layout, powerful templating, and version control and edit locking of all content and presentation elements. The other content management features include integrated search engine supporting fielded and full-text queries, indexing and searching of common MS Office and PDF document formats, multiple independent site stages, comprehensive and configurable workflow, leveraging information from relational databases, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol(LDAP), and other data sources, and integration with enterprise--class single sign-on solutions.

Zope Enterprise Content Management System provides a powerful platform that easily integrates with existing enterprise systems and data sources. Users across an organization can manage, find, and use information using unique features such as Page Designs and Syndication of Zope Enterprise Content Management System. Users unfamiliar with HTML or other web technologies can easily build content and web pages using an intuitive browser-based drag-and-drop interface of the Page Designs feature. Content can be easily shared across departments and across organizations using the Syndication feature.

Organizations often find it difficult to decide on whether to go for an off-the-shelf solution or to build a custom system for their content management requirements. Usually off-the-shelf solutions do not meet the specific business requirements and custom internal development of a system is expensive to undertake and maintain. Zope Enterprise Content Management System is designed to meet both the options, as a full-featured and supported product along with source code is delivered with the necessary training to customize the system to the ever-changing business needs.

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